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The Only Way

  • 2007
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  • Not Rated
Devon Browning is viewed as an outcast and is a victim of physical and emotional abuse from his classmates. After a tragic death in his family, his life begins to fall off course. He eventually seeks revenge by bringing a gun to school and opening fire on his classmates. The film offers an unwavering look at violence in schools today by showing the causes, the effects and the consequences of a school shooting.
Produced and Directed by
David Zimmerman III and Levi Obery
Written by
Levi Obery
Edited by
David Zimmerman III
Billy Kearney, Victoria Corwin, Dustin Reinmann and Jerry Stowell
Release Date
May 21, 2004 ("School Cut" version)

Resources for Teachers and Parents

The Only Way continues to teach teachers, parents and students about the causes, effects and consequences of school violence. A special "school cut" version of the film is available for educational use.

Additional resources and more information on licensing this version of the film for use at your school or organization can be found on the Teacher and Parent Resources Site.

Teacher and Parent Resources
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