About Ten Thirty-One Pictures

Founded in 2002 by producer/editor Levi Obery, Ten Thirty-One Pictures Entertainment is an award-winning motion picture production company. The Ten Thirty-One Pictures™ name has become synonymous with original, quality, cutting-edge entertainment. Some of its movies include Into the Woods, an homage to '80's horror written and directed by David Zimmerman III, The Obery Farms Legacy, the award-winning documentary, and The Only Way, the controversial film about a school shooting. One of the Good Ones, starring Jesy McKinney, Callie Gilbert, and Sam J. Jones, will be released in the fall of 2018. New projects are in various stages of development.

Ten Thirty-One Pictures Entertainment consists of Ten Thirty-One Pictures™, Ten Thirty-One Pictures Home Entertainment, Ten Thirty-One Pictures Production Services, Ten Thirty-One Records™, and Obery Films.